Serving the Cities of El Lago and Taylor Lake Village, Texas
Special Programs
Vacation Checks - Whenever you and your family leave for a vacation, the Lakeview Police Department
will check your residence once a day whenever you fill out the Vacation Check Request Form and drop off
the form at either city hall during normal business hours or, for after hours drop off, at the Communication
Center in the Taylor Lake Village City Hall located at 500 Kirby.  These forms may be obtained from either
city hall or at the Communications Center.  In the event that your absence exceeds two weeks, the
Lakeview Police Department will check your residence every third day.
During your absence, the Lakeview Police Department recommends you cancel the delivery of your mail
and newspaper but continue the maintenance services (lawn service) to your home.  Some newspapers
can’t be cancelled such as the Citizen and the officer will pick it up and place it out of sight from the
general public.  We also recommend lights on timers inside your home so it has the normal appearance
of someone being at home.
Home Security Inspection - At no cost to the resident, the Lakeview Police Department will send a
state certified inspector to your home to inspect it according to the state insurance standards.  This
assessment will cover your home’s security threshold.  After this assessment, the inspector will
recommend changes to the residence.  After these changes have been made, the inspector will
re-examine your home and if it passes inspection will fill out a state insurance form for the homeowner
to turn in to their insurance company for a possible reduction of their home owner’s insurance premium.
Contact Detective Dohr to schedule an inspection.
Ride-along Program - For those individuals wanting to explore the profession of law enforcement, the
Lakeview Police Department has a ride-along program.  Although this is an effective way to provide an
individual with a cursory view of our operations and the profession in general, the department and the
individual officer incur additional liabilities when a non-employee is allowed to ride with one of our units.
Therefore, this program has the following restrictions:
- The rider must be at least 18 years of age;
- The rider must be neatly dressed;
- The Rider Form will be filled out in advance before the non-employee will be allowed in the
   patrol vehicle.  The Chief of Police must sign this form in advance;
- The rider will remain in the patrol vehicle during traffic stops and other potentially dangerous
- Officers will not engage in a Code 3 response and will not engage in a pursuit.
National Night Out - In association with the National Association of Town Watch, the Lakeview Police
Department participates in the National Night Out event every first Tuesday in the month of October.
Residents are encouraged to lock their doors and turn their porch lights on and come out to meet their
neighbors.  For groups that prearrange a meeting location, an officer of the police department can be
scheduled to come by and speak to the group regarding crime prevention tips and current trends noted
in the neighborhood.